Weight Gain? It May Be a Hormone Issue

Hey sister, we get it. As we get older, we gain weight. But if you’ve been taking care of yourself and getting plenty of movement in each week, it might be time to come in and get your hormones checked.

Now don’t worry! When patients come in with hormonal issues, we’re not one of those gynecologist offices that tells you to go on birth control pills right away. Instead, we take several labs and talk with you to understand what’s been going on, and what symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

That said, here are some of the signs to look for if you think you may have hormonal weight gain:

Belly Weight Gain

If you’re thicker around the middle than before, we’ll run labs to make sure you don’t have an insulin or cortisol problem. Remember, cortisol is a stress hormone, so let us know if you’ve been under pressure a lot lately.

Back of the Arms Weight Gain

Believe it or not, thicker backs of the arms might be a sign that your testosterone is off! We’ll run tests to make sure.

Butt and Thigh Weight Gain

It’s nice to have a little junk in the trunk, but if you’re suddenly a lot thicker in this area of the body, your estrogen or progesterone levels might be to blame.

Weight Gain Throughout Your Body

If you’d put on weight everywhere, we’re looking at more of a thyroid problem, but if it’s primarily in your trunk, it might be cortisol.

While not every weight gain is this easy to determine, this gives us a good idea of what might be going on.

Weight gain can be from an increase in fat mass, but it can also be the result of fluid retention or “water weight.” Hormone imbalances can cause one or both weight gains, so it’s best to come in for tests to see what’s really going on inside.

Here at be., we encourage our patients to bring their concerns to their appointments. Together, we’ll find a solution for your weight gain challenges.

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