Overcoming Confidence Blocks In The Bedroom

Everyone struggles with confidence in the bedroom…everyone! In fact, it’s such a big issue that Dr. Bartos frequently writes and speaks about it all the time. In fact, you can check out all her blogs here. Here’s one of our favorite blogs from Dr. Bartos:

I have never met anyone…and I mean ANYONE… who doesn’t want a better sex life.

Do you have to “turn the lights down low” whenever you get into bed knowing that you or your partner are wanting to get frisky?

Afterward, you are definitely going to need to go the bathroom to avoid that dreaded UTI, and you DO NOT want him to see your buns jiggle on their way out.  Not to mention the cellulite, scars, general wear and tear of your amazing body. Who would want to see that right after making love to their partner? Seriously, right?

Everyone has those struggles.  (Here’s a secret: even your partner!)  No matter how sexy and attractive you find them they also have their own body dysmorphia that they are trying to overcome and cope with.  Seeing that your partner loves all your jiggles, bumps, scars, and cellulite isn’t enough though. You need to love them, too.

How To Feel Comfortable Walking From Bed To Bathroom?

I’m going to get totally honest with you right here, lovely.  It takes work. It is ideally a daily or at least a weekly practice that you have to do.  But you are completely capable of letting go of your fear of what your partner thinks about your jiggles, your smells, or your grooming preferences.

Let me tell you something else, if you can work past these mental blocks (see my blog post about how mental blocks can turn into building blocks) you will see an increase in your appetite for sex.

Tell me please, do you want to have more and better sex with your partner?

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