Intimacy Issues: What If You Don’t Climax Every Time You Have Sex?

There’s a lot of pressure to sex. Not only are you literally naked with another person, exposing all those parts of your body that you question and criticize, but there’s also the pressure to have an orgasm every time you jump in the sack. But is it really normal to climax EVERY time you have sex?

Dr. Bartos recently answered this question on her Facebook Live series, Is This Normal? You can follow along with these videos by following her page. In case you missed it, here’s what Dr. B had to say:

Someone asked, “Is it normal that I don’t have an orgasm every time I have sex?” 

It’s totally normal! “The point is enjoying it, feeling independent and confident in a sexual moment,” says Dr. Bartos. 

While orgasms are certainly appreciated, Dr. Bartos reminds us that it’s absolutely normal and ok not to climax every time you get intimate.

There are different types of climaxes, too! So, in just the same way that no two people feel orgasm the same way, there are several different ways to reach the finish line.

Is it normal if I don't orgasm every time I have sex?

Types of Orgasm

Dr. Bartos chatted about the different types of orgasms that women (and men in some cases!) can experience. They range from the clitoral orgasm, often described as tingly, light, and fluffy, to the all-over body vaginal orgasm. You can, of course, experience a combination of both orgasms and there’s even something called a nipplegasm – climax achieved by stimulating the nipples, which works for men too!

Only 10% of women who have sex can achieve an orgasm without clitoral stimulation, Dr. Bartos reminds us. So, if an orgasm isn’t showing up for you, then try mixing things up a bit. If you’ve tried and things just aren’t happening down there, give us a call to set an appointment. All of our providers understand and fully believe a fulfilling sex life is essential to your health.

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