be a 🌟

Let your baby (or babies!) be the ⭐️ of the show!

We are proud to offer elective obstetric ultrasounds. Our sonographers are specially trained to get your love’s very first pics.  These packages also make great baby presents for parents-to-be.

Ultrasounds of your little gem can start as early as 16 weeks gestation and continue to term. We can usually determine gender between 16 and 17 weeks during a 2D sonogram. This is a great time to see the baby kick and turn to see if you’re going to have a future soccer player or gymnast (or even both–better get that minivan soon, mom!)

We ask all expectant mothers who come in for a 2D ultrasound to have a full bladder.

A 3D ultrasound can be obtained at any time during pregnancy. However, the optimal time to have a 3D Ultrasound is between 26 and 32 weeks. Closer to 32 weeks allows us to get face pictures that show chubby cheeks, hair and even thumb-sucking!  Earlier pregnancy ultrasounds allow mothers to see more complete images of their babies. Remember that all images are dependent upon the baby’s position, movement, size and the amount of surrounding amniotic fluid.

A 4D Ultrasound (or 4D Live Motion Imaging) obtains 3D images in real time so you can see your baby moving in 3D. A 4D shows us live-action images of your baby – think of this as your baby’s first video appearance!

If you are a patient at another OB/GYN office, we are happy to offer you these sonograms of your baby, but we will need verification that you have received prenatal care.


Sadly, we can’t pose them yet! The whole room was in hysterics over this little sassy showing her parents her true colors!