If you are a new patient to us, welcome! We trust you will be pleased with your care.

To expedite your visit, please fill out these forms and print them to bring with you. We ask that you arrive at your first appointment at least 20 minutes early to sign any additional paperwork. We know that paperwork is a nuisance, but it’s sadly required by the government these days.

We need the following documents when you arrive:


Every Patient Must Fill Out the Following Forms.

Please select the gender appropriate form packet and bring it with you to your appointment:

Please print and complete our Medical Release Form & Reschedule Letter as well:

Aesthetics Patients

Please print and fill out the following form:

Prenatal Book

If you’re one of our obstetrics patients, please feel free to download and save our Prenatal Book for quick reference.

Mental Health Questionnaire

If instructed to do so, please print out and complete the following form:

TeleHealth Consent Form

If instructed to do so, please print out and coplete the following form: