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Like we’ve mentioned maybe once or twice . . .

We are creating an entire village of women’s health. As such, we offer other services such as:


  • Prenatal 6-week workshops
  • Women’s only

Infant CPR – Taught by one of our OB nurses, this is extra-special training and something every new parent should learn (it’s also good for babysitters/nannies, big sisters, brothers and grandparents).

Natural Birth Classes – Coming Soon!

Aesthetics – Botox, disport and fillers. Our aesthetician is a registered nurse who has worked with many of DFW’s finest plastic surgeons! We will be offering laser hair removal and laser facials as well. We love inner beauty, but sometimes we all need a “freshening” to match our gorgeousness within. Call for a complimentary consult!

Detox/Weight Loss/Green Eating – We love a good detox! Our favorite way includes “green eating,” and we can lead you to better wellness with our tried-and-true techniques. Do it at the beginning of the New Year, before a big event or just to get rid of the “bad juju.” There are no specialized products to purchase.

Bio-Identical Hormone, Workshops/Saliva Testing – Female hormones (estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-S and cortisol) are routinely measured in blood although saliva levels and represent the quantity of the hormone that is currently available to target tissues and actively exert specific effects on the body.

BioTE Pellets – We offer bio-identical hormone pellets for both men and women. Pellets release small doses of bio-identical hormones throughout the day for a consistent, hassle-free dosage.


Check out our monthly calendar of events to see when these fabulous events will occur!

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Have an idea for a community class? Let us know via email: reception@beagreatwoman.com






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