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Many women ask, “Why be?”

It’s a fair question because it’s an unusual name for a doctor’s office.

After spending time in “corporate” medicine, I didn’t feel I could practice medicine the way I wanted – the way most women wanted. Preventive medical care was scoffed and medicine was all about “shares,” “relative value units” and seeing more people while seemingly doing less for them. Have a question about your bill or insurance? Great, call an office 70 miles away. Need to talk to a nurse? Yep, leave a message through a vast network of phones and hope you get a response sometime that week.

I wanted to put a stop to it. Driving home one day from a long day at work, daydreaming about the way I’d like to run a medical practice if I could, a familiar old song from the 70s came on the radio: “Let It Be.” And then it came to me. We, as medical providers, should encourage women to be themselves; be strong; be confident; be healthy. And I realized, this whole project was just meant to be.

A patient once asked if I named my practice “be” because my patients call me “Dr. B.” Sure! Why not?

Someone else astutely realized that “be” encompassed mine and Mary’s last initials. True that!

Mary and I wanted to create a village for women’s health where women – regardless of age – could feel their health was supported and their health goals were cherished.

Be natural? Check.

Be respected? Yes!

Be yourself? Absolutely.


Welcome, and let it be.

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