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Avocado & Fig Fertility Salsa

Working to conceive or maybe you just want to put you and your partner in the mood? Try this delicious salsa! THE AVOCADO The avocado was considered the ultimate fertility foods, according to the Aztecs. Its high Vitamin E content helps increase…

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5 Things NOT to Say to a Woman Trying to Get Pregnant

As an OB/GYN doctor who struggled with infertility, I’m all too aware of the well-meaning “comforts” friends and family will sometimes say to someone who is having difficulty getting pregnant.   I say “well-meaning” because they usually are—but they usually cut deep…

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Yoga For Stress Relief Plus 3 Restorative Poses

Frequently we hear about the benefits of yoga for stress relief. But why does yoga have such a reputation? Although yoga practitioners have known for thousands of years that the practice gives deep health benefits, the science world has been studying the…

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The Weight is OVER!!

The following is an article that Dr. Heather Bartos wrote for 380 News.   Of TIME magazine’s top New Year’s resolutions, lose weight and get fit is number one. Not surprisingly, it tops the list every year. If I had a dollar…

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The True Meaning of Yoga

Yoga is a practice, but it’s so much more than a series of poses on a mat. Talk to any yoga instructor or avid student, and they’ll tell you that yoga is a mindset. Indeed, the very name of the practice comes…

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